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Five Stunning Dry Forest Birds of Costa Rica

In common with most countries, Costa Rica has its share of dull-colored and brightly colored birds. However, unlike most other nations, Costa Rica is a small place with a huge bird list, one of more than 900 species (!). With such a big avian pool to draw from, it's no wonder that birding tours to Costa Rica encounter more than a few stunning birds. Some occur in rainforest, other in cloud forest, and some right on the grounds of the hotel. Tropical dry forest also has its share of beautiful birds, the following five being some of the more eye-catching species seen during a birding tour to Costa Rica:

Lesser Ground-Cuckoo

This fancy bird with the multi-colored natural eye shadow is actually common in most dry forest areas and can even be encountered at sites near San Jose. Although it's heard more often than it is seen, birding tours with experienced guides usually result in excellent looks at this beauty.

White-fronted Parrot

Members of the parrot family tend to be showy, noisy, beautiful birds. This species is no exception and, fortunately, it's also common! Often seen in flight, the White-fronted Parrot is a small Amazon species that shows red in the front of the wings. Occasionally, perched birds can also be located for excellent shots. Watch for this species at any number of sites from Tarcoles north to Nicaragua.

Turquoise-browed Motmot