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Spaces Open on Costa Rica Birding Tour- Tanagers, Antbirds, Great Potoo and Other Tropical Birds!

Thinking of birding in Costa Rica in January or February? How about seeing several tanager species, Ocellated Antbird, Great Potoo, Sungrebe and many other birds during a week of birding in high quality rainforest and wetland habitats? Our Untamed Northern Costa Rica Tour is a short yet bird-packed trip that offers one fantastic day of birding after another and we still have space for several participants!

We hope to find the strange Sungrebe while birding the Cano Negro area.

Since this tour is focused on sites with high quality forest, chances are good for many uncommon and common birds during this tour including these twelve beautiful species:

Great Curassow

White Hawk

Great Potoo

Striped Owl