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Starting Another Great Year of Birding in Costa Rica

Happy New Year! 2022 is here, what better way to celebrate it than going birding? That's what we have been doing. No matter where you live, there's wonderful birds to enjoy and celebrate but in Costa Rica we take it to the next level because we are fortunate to have literally hundreds of beautiful birds to look at. These even include some of the most spectacular species in the world, birds like the

Resplendent Quetzal..

Keel-billed Toucan...

and the fancy Red-caped Manakin.

This being the high season for tourism, some of our guides have been busy with trips, others have been scouting sites and looking for special birds like the Nicaraguan Seed-Finch.

We like to keep track of where this uncommon species is being seen because it only occurs in open grassy marshes and other similar habitats that can become converted to pineapple fields and sugarcane, or just naturally change to habitats less suitable for this seed cracking specialist.

We have also been giving virtual tours that show stunning Golden-hooded Tanagers and other beautiful species often seen right in our own backyards! These tours are a great way t