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Local Guides and Bird Photo Tours- 3 Major Benefits

Birds are perfect subjects for the camera.Transformed by beautiful plumages into living works of art, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and literally thousands of stunning species await to be captured with the perfect shot. It's also easy to take pictures of birds right in your own backyard. But what about when you tire of taking pictures of Blue Jays, cardinals, and robins? No one can deny the beauty of those common birds and they merit as many shots as you can take but at some point, every bird photographer could use a change of scenery.

Venture into tropical realms and the avian scene takes on a fancy and exotic look with iconic species from Costa Rica like

Keel-billed Toucan,

and Scarlet Macaw.

Hundreds of other stunning birds are also possible but shooting won't be anything like the camera action in the backyard. It won't be like taking pictures in a local wildlife preserve either. Bird photography in tropical locales comes with its own set of challenges, struggles best solved by an experienced local guide. Three of the major benefits of hiring local guides for bird photography include the following advantages:

Local Guides Know the Lay of the Land

No one knows a place better than someone who lives there, a person who knows if a road has been closed or if alternate routes exist, if a hotel has changed ownership for the better or worse, if new and better sites have become accessible and if older sites have stopped being productive.A local guide knows what's happening in their neck of the woods and that's exactly the type of person needed to ensure success during a bird photography tour.

Not to mention, since they will have already worked with bird photography at sites to be visited on a tour, they will know about the best situations and settings for any number of birds. Speaking of birds, see the next benefit...

They Know Where More Birds Are Located

Perhaps most of all, local bird photography guides know where the birds are. They are familiar with the best sites for seeing quetzals, cranes, pheasants, tanagers, and hummingbirds.The best local guides will also know about additional, fantastic yet lesser known sites. Toplocal bird guides know where to find the rare bird species, ones that don't show on regular tours. Work with a local guide that knows where to find rare target birds and you'll be in the best of bird photography hands.

They might even known spots for super rare target birds like the Maroon-chested Ground-Dove.

Lower Cost

It almost goes without saying but in general, working with a local guiding service costs much less than bird photo tours that use tour leaders and guides from other places. Contract a local guide and this erases any additional cost associated with tour leader flights, accommodation, and other fees.

As a bonus, local guides impart a passion about the places where they guide. They aren't just showing visitors some birds, they are helping clients experience national natural treasures, their favorite birds in favorite places, right on their home turf. It's only natural that they go the extra mile to share those cherished parts of their lives with clients.

Contact Lifer Tours to learn more about how local guides can help you take better pictures of birds in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and other fantastic birding sites in the Americas and beyond.


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