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Birding Tour Success: It's All About the Details

A successful birding tour to Costa Rica and elsewhere is one that does more than see a lot of birds. On a tour, true success in birding also means surpassing client expectations. That doesn't necessarily mean seeing every rare species and having incredible luck. While those factors do help generate extra smiles, most people realize they won't see every single species, especially in a country with a bird list that tops 930 species. On a tour, what they do expect and what is more important is quality service and top notch guiding while seeing most of the birds they had hoped for. For a ground agent, the goal is meeting and going beyond those expectations while ensuring that every client is given VIP treatment every step of the way.

At Lifer Tours, we strive to make that happen with:

  • Dedicated attention to the details- This takes many forms and includes bringing clients to sites suited for their birding wants and needs, working with reliable and trusted local providers, as well as listening to clients and striving to make sure they have an enjoyable, fantastic birding tour in Costa Rica. Most of all, it means being acutely aware of every detail of the tour and how those details affect client experience from arrival to departure.

Details and local knowledge help our clients get close looks at endangered species like Yellow-billed Cotinga.

  • A passion for creating positive life-changing experiences- When those of us at Lifer visit another country for birding, we love how exciting that first day of birding can be, we love how it makes us feel. When other birders visit Costa Rica, we want them to feel that same sense of excitement every day of the tour. We focus on making that happen by keeping up to date on any new photo opportunities and other aspects of birding that turn their trip from a good birding tour to one of the best birding tours they have ever taken.

  • Leveraging our extensive local experience- None of the above would be possible without a great deal of local knowledge. Living in Costa Rica helps us stay up to date on any situations that may affect logistics as well as finding the best solutions. Birding in Costa Rica gives us the chance to stay up to date on locations of rare and uncommon species, where owls and potoos may be roosting, and where fruiting trees may be attract uncommon, infrequently seen birds like Yellow-eared Toucanets.

  • Strong loyalty and respect for the international companies we represent- In part, this means when we act as a local ground agent for an international tour company, while we always strive to give their clients a positive, life-changing birding experience, we will also never offer any future tours to those same clients. Regarding such clients, if we do happen to guide them on future tours, this will only take place on tours booked through the same tour company that contracted us to be their local ground agent.

These points are some of what we do to provide high quality birding tours in Costa Rica and elsewhere. Contact us today and learn how we can help exceed expectations of birders, and birding and bird photography groups.


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