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3 Essential Tips for Better Birding in Costa Rica on a Group Tour

Birding in Costa Rica is a fantastic blend of glittering hummingbirds, colorful tanagers, motmots, trogons, toucans, and more. It's also a fun, dynamic experience made easy by way of good, stable infrastructure and accessible, birdy habitats. Whether birding Costa Rica on your own or in a group, take the right steps and the trip will be fantastic. Since birding in a group has a certain type of dynamic, we thought it would be helpful to mention a few essential tips to help maximize the birding experience on a group tour.

Do More Listening than Talking and Pay Attention to the Guide

At least while birding. On a trip shared with friends to an exciting new place, it's all too easy to get carried away with conversation. There's of course nothing wrong with that but if we constantly talk while birding on quiet forest trails or even in a hotel garden, we won't see as many birds. As with birding anywhere, in Costa Rica, the mor