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Space Still Available to Photograph Quetzals, Hummingbirds, Toucans, Much More in Costa Rica, Januar

The high season for bird photography in Costa Rica is almost here. At LiferTours, we know the sites for great shots of everything from toucans to macaws and Resplendent Quetzal all year long. Even so, January, February and March are the most popular months to photograph birds for two main reasons:

1. It's pretty cold up north.

2. It's warm, sunny, and beautiful in Costa Rica!

Given the cold Arctic blast that usually comes with the dead of winter in Canada, the USA, and Europe, January might be the best time to come to Costa Rica. Starting the year off by visiting this beautiful country is a fantastic way to get some respite from the cold winds of the north and even more so when you can photograph literally hundreds of beautiful tropical birds.

Such as Red-headed Barbet..

But, even though Costa Rica is blessed with good habitat and various protected areas, the best shots only come from visiting the right places guided by the most experienced guides. This is why we are offering a carefully planned photography tour that will take place in January, 2020. For nearly two weeks, we will visit some of the top sites for bird photography in Costa Rica. These are comfortable lodges that have ideal set-ups for capturing a variety of tropical species in natural settings.

Sites on this tour include excellent places for foothill and lowland rainforest birds such as Laguna del Lagarto and Chachagua. Laguna is a classic eco-lodge with some of the best lowland rainforest bird photography in Costa Rica, Chachagua is near key sites we know of for various hummingbirds, a chance at the rare Blue-and-Gold Tanager, and other uncommon foothill species.

Keel-billed Toucan

Close shots of Keel-billed Toucans are possible along with two other toucan species, tanagers, tityras, and many other species.

Chestnut-colored Woodpecker- one of many beautiful species possible at Laguna.

The Blue-and-Gold Tanager only lives in a few accessible sites in Costa Rica and Panama.

At beautiful Bosque de Paz, we will enjoy many chances to take pictures of Black Guan and other highland endemics in a large area of cloud forest.

Black Guan

On our way to higher elevations, we will make a stop at the Rancho Rio Perlas to look for the picturesque Sunbittern and visit feeder set ups with the stunning Lesson's Motmot and other beautiful birds.

Lesson's Motmot

This will be followed by our last stops on this exciting tour, Paraiso de Quetzal and Savegre Hotel and Spa. Both of these sites are famous for capturing fantastic images of quetzals, Fiery-throated Hummingbird and other hummingbird species, the striking Flame-colored Tanager, and many other beautiful birds that frequent the high elevation forests of Costa Rica.

After a final beautiful morning of bird photography in the gardens of Savegre, we head back to our comfortable hotel in the San Jose area, perhaps stopping for a few final shots on the way.

Want to get excellent pictures of Resplendent Quetzal, toucans, parrots, and many other tropical birds? Spaces are still available for this tour, contact us today at for the best way to start 2020- filling memory card with the images of beautiful tropical birds.

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