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Three Benefits of Birding Costa Rica with a Group

One of the nice things about birding is that there are no rules for birding. Watch woodpeckers, nuthatches, and finches coming to the feeder in the backyard? That's birding. Scope the ducks in a local refuge on your own or with friends? That's also birding. Take a trip to Costa Rica to marvel over quetzals and glittering hummingbirds? Ok, that might be fantastic birding. But seriously, that's also birding because any time we watch birds in any form, we are birding and although it's fun to bird on your own, there are several benefits that come with birding with a group, especially on a trip to Costa Rica.

Three of those benefits:

Save money

The most obvious advantage of taking a birding trip to Costa Rica with a group is the money you save. There are several costs that need to be taken into account for a successful birding trip, and all are cheaper when shared with others. Take transportation for example. A comfortable mini-bus with driver for a lone birder might cost $250 extra per day. Split that between eight birders and the cost is much less. The same goes for other costs necessary to make a successful birding trip happen.

Sharing the beauty of birds

It can be fun to find birds on our own but there's nothing like sharing fantastic, once in a lifetime birding experiences with like-minded people. The best way to watch quetzals, beautiful tanagers, and other spectacular tropical birds is with good friends, why not arrange a birding trip with them?

Sungrebes look best when shared with friends!

A Set, Productive Itinerary

The people who know where to find the best birds, who know the best spots are going to be local guides who have the most experience. Those same people also know how to arrange the best itineraries, the ones that take into account details that make the trip a total success. Take a group tour with a set itinerary designed by local experts and no one has to even think about where to find the most birds because you are taken right to the best spots.

Want to bird Costa Rica with your local birding club? Contact Lifer Tours to learn more about our itineraries.

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