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10 Stunning Costa Rica Birds from Rainforest

Rainforest! This commonly heard term for lush tropical forest brings up images of hot and humid jungles teeming with life. There are strange and enticing bird calls, monkeys, and colorful frogs, and Costa Rica is one of the best places to experience this incredible habitat. Although many of the animals are harder to find than what one might expect, all of the above is true. Costa Rica is definitely a fantastic place to experience the exciting beauty of rainforest. This special type of forest is also one of the most important habitats for birds in Costa Rica.

Hundreds of bird species in Costa Rica make their home in and near lowland rainforest, these are 10 of many stunning species waiting to be found by your lens:

Crowned Woodnymph

One of a few dozens of fancy hummingbird species that live in Costa Rica, this beauty is a common inhabitant of lowland rainforest.

Broad-billed Motmot

The tendency of this fancy bird to sit still on low branches makes it an excellent subject for the camera.

Keel-billed Toucan

One of two large toucans in Costa Rica (the other one being the equally beautiful Yellow-throated Toucan), this rainbow-billed bird is commonly seen in and near lowland rainforest, including hotel gardens.