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Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a birding paradise, especially in what we called the green season when the country’s diverse ecosystems burst with avian activity and lush green vegetation due the occassional late afternoon showers. With over 900 bird species recorded, the lush rainforests, misty cloud forests, and vibrant wetlands offer unparalleled opportunities for bird enthusiasts. October and November is an excellent time to visit as the transitional period between the dry and wet seasons brings an influx of migrating birds, adding to the already rich local biodiversity. Birders can expect to encounter a spectacular array of species, from the Resplendent Quetzal with its iridescent plumage to the colorful toucans and the numerous hummingbirds that flit among the flowers.

One of the prime locations for birding in November is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where the elusive quetzal is often spotted. This period is also ideal for visiting the Caribbean slope, home to the Arenal Volcano National Park and La Selva Biological Station, where Ornate Hawk-eagle soar through the skies and Snowy Cotingas adorn with pure white the tree tops. The wetland areas such as the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge offer a different yet equally thrilling experience, with opportunities to see waterfowl, storks, and herons like the Agami Heron, often refered as the most beautiful heron of all. The lush environment is alive with the sounds and sights of these remarkable birds, making Costa Rica in May a top destination for birding enthusiasts seeking both variety and vibrant natural beauty.

Tour Facts

- Top birding locations like La Selva Biological, Arenal Volcano, Caño Negro and Monteverde

- Greeen Season means no crowds, less human noise in trails and more time for private birding experiences

- Truly small group of maximum of 6 participants

- Prime birding guide Juan Diego Vargas


Hotel Robledal, Villa Lapas Jungles Villages, Jaguarundi Lodge, Arenal Oasis Ecolodge and wildlife refuge, La Selva Biological Station, Caño Negro Natural Lodge.

Expected Climate

Comfortable in mountain locations. The lowest it might get is around 60 Fahrenheit at night.  Lowlands are hot and humid reaching an average max of 86 Fahrenheit. 


Max Group Size

6 pax.

Photographic Opportunities


Habitats Covered

Northern Wetlands, Caribbean Lowland Rainforest, Northern Cloudforest, Central Pacific Lowland Rainforest.

Tour Pace & Walking

Very easy, most trails are flat and easy to walk. Most walks are less than 2 miles total. Every day we will give time brakes to avoid birding in the hottest time of the day. Most lodges in hot locations have AC. 


Comfortable in excellent ecolodges. Most hotels in warm locations have AC. All hotels have hot water and private bathroom. 

Price per Person*

Please send us an email

Route Map

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