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The Most Exquisite Birds in Costa Rica

A lot of beautiful birds make their home in the rainforests and tropical habitats of Costa Rica. Actually, that's an understatement; literally hundreds of stunning, eye-catching bird species occur and many of them are common, even birds like the Emerald Tanager...

We also have our fair share of rare and uncommon species but suffice to say, if you go birding in Costa Rica with local experts, you will see a wonderful variety of birds. With a bird list of more than 900 species, it's tough to pick out the best of the bunch but some of them are nothing less than exquisite. Living, feathered jewels with intricate patterns, shining colors, and rare appearances, the following are some of the more exquisite bird species that live in our beautiful country:

Agami Heron

This shy, stealthy species has frequently been named the most beautiful heron species in the world. It earns that title with maroon, jade, and silver filagree plumage. Never easy to see, it frequents the deep shade of rainforest streams and quiet waterways.

Green-and-Rufous Kingfisher

Another bird of shaded tropical waterways, you might see this lovely kingfisher while searching for the Agami. To see this beautiful bird in Costa Rica, you have to know where to go and how to look for it.

Orange-collared Manakin

In all honesty, the majority of the manakins are exquisite, beautiful little birds, the Orange-collared included. This species is one of many birds only found in southern Costa Rica and western Panama. We love to watch them dance in the thickets of Carara National Park and other sites further south.

Magenta-throated Woodstar

Like the manakins, you would be hard pressed to find a hummingbird that wasn't exquisite. The intricate beauty of these feathered living fairies can be nothing short of surreal. In Costa Rica, all of our 50 or so hummingbird species are exquisite but the Magenta-throated Woodstar is one of the best. Tiny, long-tailed, and with measured, insect-like flight, this bird is a miniature stunning gem.

Ocellated Antbird

Being exquisite doesn't have to be synonymous with bright, flashy colors. The term can also be expressed by way of eye-catching patterns and unique plumage. The Ocellated Antbird is one of several birds in Costa Rica with such characteristics. An obligate ant follower, this turquoise-faced beauty is usually seen at ant swarms, sometimes with the mega Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo!

Crested Bobwhite

In common with the Ocellated Antbird, our bobwhite shows its exquisite side by way of incredible details. It seems that the closer one looks at this beauty, the more you discover.

All of the birds pictured above were seen on Lifer tours guided by Juan Diego Vargas. To learn more about how you and your birding group can see and photograph these and hundreds of other fantastic birds in Costa Rica, contact us today. We love to talk about birds!


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