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3 Easy Benefits of Virtual Birding Tours in Costa Rica

There's nothing like birding in such a birdy place as Costa Rica but when travel is tough, virtual birding in Costa Rica can be a fun substitute. Check out these three benefits of taking a virtual tour in Costa Rica:

Watch and learn about birds of Costa Rica

You might be looking at a screen but this isn't a TV show! Virtual birding is live birding and like birding in the field, it comes with that same sense of anticipation and excitement. Which bird will fly in next? How do you identify female honeycreepers and other species? Although no one can predict where and when birds will show, your local expert guide will tell you how to identify honeycreepers and everything else during the virtual tour.

Since we love to talk about birds, you can also expect plenty of information about bird behavior and answers to whatever questions you may have; pretty much the same way Lifer tour guides work with birders in the field.

Comfortable, Easy, and Fun Group Birding

Costa Rica is a comfortable place to visit, even now, but what could be more comfortable than your own nest? Pick your favorite chair, treat yourself to a good cup of songbird friendly coffee (or other libation), and enjoy the show. It's as easy as that and although you can do virtual live birding on your own, why not share the birding with your local birding club?

Prepare for seeing birds in Costa Rica

Virtual birding is live birding but there's nothing like the full experience in Costa Rica. Luckily, it s safe to travel to Costa Rica and in a matter of months, vaccines will make it that much easier to visit. If there was one thing a birder could do to get ready for a birding trip of a lifetime, it would be taking live virtual tours beforehand. They help you know what to expect, what the birds look like, how they will act, and with local expert guides giving commentary, you actively learn about the birds and birding that awaits in Costa Rica.

We look forward to seeing you for some exciting live, virtual birding, and eventually here in Costa Rica. The birds are waiting!


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