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How to See and Photograph 40 Species of Hummingbirds in Costa Rica

Hummingbirds! Of the many avian families that occur throughout the world, the members of the Trochilidae just might win the prize for being the most incredible. Tiny, pugnacious, and sporting breathtaking, iridescent colors, hummingbirds captivate our attention. The hummingbird family is also much larger than most people realize. Although just one species is regular in eastern North America, more than 300 live much further south, and more than 50 occur in Costa Rica. The Steely-vented (Bue-vented) Hummingbird is a common inhabitant of dry forest and coffee farms. Thankfully, these amazing real-life feathered fairies are common in most parts of Costa Rica. If a birder or photographer knows ho

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